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Future of Work Index.


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Future of Work Index.

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The Future of Work (FOW) Index measures your readiness for and sentiment about the future of work.

The FOW index is calculated by assessing your survey responses across five themes: skillsets, toolsets, mindsets, environment and optimism. It is intended as a discovery tool that measures your self-reported perceptions, rather than a performance tool that measures your level of competence or ability.

Unless stated otherwise, all factors are measured on a scale of -100 to +100. A lower index infers less readiness or a negative sentiment, whilst a higher score indicates a higher readiness and a more positive sentiment.

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Result summary

Your team has a Future of Work Index of . This is calculated from of a readiness score of and a sentiment of .

Your teams rating Average respondent rating
Future of Work index NaN NaN
Readiness NaN NaN
Skillsets NaN NaN
Toolsets NaN NaN
Mindsets NaN NaN
Sentiment NaN NaN
Environment NaN NaN
Optimism NaN NaN

Team member results

Name FOW Index Readiness Sentiment

Sentiment vs Readiness

By team member


Readiness is measured as a function of whether your team members have the self-reported skillsets; access to the right tools and technologies (toolsets) and possess the right mindsets that we have identified as critical to the future of work.

Your team members reported a readiness score of . This is calculated from a skillset score of , a toolset score of and a mindset score of .


  • Human-centred design()
    Their ability to develop solutions based on a deep understanding of your end-users goals and needs.
  • Lean work practices ()
    Their ability to rapidly develop solutions in a resource efficient manner.
  • Creative problem solving ()
    Their ability to leverage creativity in problem solving and solution development.
Question Element Score


  • Access to technology ()
    The level of access to current and emerging technologies and tools in their work practices.
  • Knowledge of emerging technologies ()
    Their level of comfort with current and emerging technologies and tools.
  • Contemporary frameworks and models ()
    Their use of contemporary frameworks and models to develop solutions and solve problems.
Question Element Score


  • Curiosity()
    Their passion for continual learning, experimentation and discovery.
  • Collaboration()
    The level to which working with others to solve problems is a default behaviour.
  • Adaptability ()
    Their willingness to respond to change in a constructive way.
Question Element Score


Sentiment is measured as the level of optimism your team members feel about that the future of work as well how they feel their current working environment is helping them adaptand improve their skills.

Your team reported a sentiment score of . This is calculated from a environment score of and a optimism score of .


  • Empowerment ()
    The level to which their work allows them to be the best possible version of themselves.
  • Opportunity to learn ()
    How their workplace promotes learning and proactively helps them keep their skills relevant.
  • Purpose ()
    Their connection with their work and the sense of impact behind the work they do.
Question Element Score


  • My country ()
    How they feel their country is preparing its workforce for the future of work.
  • My job and industry ()
    How optimistic they feel about the future of their current job and industry.
  • The world ()
    Their sentiment towards the future of work on a global scale.
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Opportunity themes

  •   Strengths
  •   Opportunity areas
  •   Focus areas









Self-reported focus areas, based on what skills the teams feels like they are lacking now in order to do their role effectively.

First priority Second priority Third priority

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